Contributor:  Leonardo Nahoum
Quaterna Réquiem DVD on pre-orders: the first Brazilian progrock DVD is on sale - be one of the lucky 100 and secure your numbered and signed copy !!!
Over two hours in Surround 5.1 sound and Stereo 2.0 of the purest instrumental progressive rock ! Here is the DVD tracklist: 'Prefácio', 'Gárgula', 'Tempestade', 'Aquartha', 'Cantilena', 'A Casa da Cascata', 'Bramante', 'Irmãos Grimm', 'Fantasia Urbana', 'Horda', 'Velha Gravura' and 'Toccata'.
ATTENTION: At this moment, we are taking pre-orders for the first 100 copies, numbered and signed. The copies should be sent right after we get them from the plant, which should happen by Februry 15th.