Contributor:  Leonardo Nahoum
Musea CDs part 3: see the third part of the list of CDs received !!!
Yoch'ko Seffer "Chromophonie", Deboco, Osiris, Neo, Shub-Niggurath 'Les morts...', all of Trace, both Tantra, Etro Fou Leloublan 'En public...', Cliffhanger 'Mirror site' and 'Not to be or not to be', Monolith 'same', Halloween 'Silence...', Mystery, Quidam "Angels Dreams", Palo Alto 'Transe Plan', Morte Macabre, Minimum Vital 'Au cercle...', Men of Lake 'Music from...', both 4/3 de Trio, Sebastian Hardie 'Four Moments', Decadence, Ophiucus, Versus X, Vital Duo, all of Ars Nova, Wurtemberg, all of Pulsar, Glass, Taproban, Eclat, Inquire, Brand X, Jean-Pierre Alarcen, Artsruni, Ange 'Tome 87', La Tulipe Noire, all Amarok, Rousseau 'At the Cinema', Netherworld, all of Procol Harum, both KBB, Eden Rose, all of Zao, Kotebel.