Contributor:  Leonardo Nahoum
Musea CDs part 2: see the second part of the list of CDs received !
Mona Lisa 'Grimaces', 'L'Escapade' and 'Le Petit Violon...', Moving Gelatine Plates 'same', Nightrider 'same', North Star 'Triskelion', Pageant 'La mosaique...', Puissance 13 + 2 'same', Pulsar 'Halloween', 'Pollen' and "The Strands of the Future', Rebekka 'Phoenix', Rousseau "Square the circle', Sandrose 'same, Shub-Niggurath 'C'etaient de...', Shylock 'Giarloques', Trace 'same', Versailles 'Don Giovanni', Violin Connection 'same', Weidorje 'same', Zabu 'My coffin's ready', Zao 'Kawana', 'Shekina' and 'Z=7L', Cyrille Verdeaux 'Messenger of the Son', Progfest 94 'same', Atlantide 'same', Anekdoten 'Nucleus', Nirgal Vallis 'Y murió la tarde', Arachnoid 'same', Happy the Man 'same', Trace 'Birds', Anglagard 'Buried alive', Shylock 'Ille de fievre', Gerard 'The pendulum', Cliffhanger 'Not to be or not to be', Volkor 'same', Brainstorm 'Smile a while', Octavo 'Des pieds...', Jose uiz Fernandez Ledesma 'Motivos para...'. (TO BE CONTINUED)