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Sérgio Dias  
2003 - Brazil - Editio Princeps
Jazz Mania Live (1986)

When Mutantes called it a day at the end of the 1970s, guitar player Sérgio Dias (then the only remaining founding member) launched his solo career, in search of new ways and musical directions. Soon he left for the USA, where he would live until 1985, playing with musicians such as Gil Evans, John McLaughlin, Ayrto & Flora, L. Shankar, TM Stevens, Jeremy Steig, Jaco Pastorius and many others, performing and recording at different venues and studios all over the country. Back in Brazil, he formed an all-star band and began playing live, performing the material written during his stay in the USA and presenting a style that ranged from fusion to jazz-rock, showcasing influences of Pat Metheny, Weather Report and others. This CD brings one of these shows, carefully recorded, mixed and mastered by the artist himself - previously unreleased material, finally made available after 17 years.

1. Janeth & Steve 11'22” 2. Suíte para Filemón y la Gorda 3'51” 3. Columbia 8'09” 4. Sabor Caballero 4'00” 5. Brazilian New Wave 9'13” 6. Hell’s Kitchen 6'57” 7. Twilight in Tunisia 4'47" All songs by Sérgio Dias Sérgio Dias: guitars José Lourenço: keyboards Jurim Moreira: drums Paul Lieberman: sax, flute Tony Mendes: bass

US$ 18,90
  Janeth & Steve
  Suíte para Filemón y la Gorda