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2004 - Brazil - Editio Princeps
Hoje - Ao Vivo 1998/2002

Percussônica is the most recent project of brothers Zé Eduardo and Lelo Nazario (ex-Hermeto Pascoal, Grupo Um, Pau Brasil), along with guitar player Felipe Avila (ex-Sexo dos Anjos, Os Cinco, etc), Zé Eduardo's long time musical partner. This CD, recorded live at two different shows in São Paulo, brings to you almost every composition played by the band - an outstanding fusion of avant-garde jazz with Brazilian rhythms and contemporary music, mixing acoustic and electronic sounds with bags of energy and improvisation.

:: Tracks 6-7, 10-14 recorded 15/10/98 at ZILDJIAN DAY BRASIL. Location: Espaço Domus – São Paulo. Sound Engineer: Alberto Ranellucci :: Tracks 1-5, 8-9 recorded 22/10/02 at Projeto JAZZ EM HARMONIA BRASILEIRA. Location: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – São Paulo. Sound Engineer: Renato Coppola

:: Executive Production: Marcelo Spindola Bacha. Productiom: Zé Eduardo Nazario. Co-Production: Lelo Nazario / Felipe Avila. Mastering: Lelo Nazario at Utopia Studio, 08/2004. Photography: Clarissa Lambert. Design: Rodrigo Araujo / Adriana Cataldo

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